I Backup Everything Whenever Possible

When it comes to dealing with computers, I’l always a little paranoid. The hard drive of my first computer crashed nearly 20 years ago, and from that moment I learned a valuable lesson. Since then, always take the time to backup any data that I may want to keep from my hard drive. I have my own website that is pretty popular, and I use a R1soft license to backup server data. The server backup has saved my skin multiple times.

Once there was a rogue group of hackers that would visit different websites and shut them down. They would use all kinds of various DDOS tricks and even change the sites coding to take it off line for long periods of time. These hackers targeted my website, and it was offline for a week. The hackers didn’t stop at taking my site down. They also deleted everything from my servers, leaving me with nothing. I was devastated when it happened, and I was so angry that I was ready to track down those hackers and do some serious harm to them. Since I got the license to backup my server, I was able to restore all of the data once I was able to access the server again.

I contacted the authorities and they were already on the case to track down the hackers. They did some IP address sniffing and use all of their top men to track down the hackers. The hackers were found overseas in Europe. They were nothing more than a group of college aged students that were getting their kicks by see how badly they could damage websites. They were arrested and thrown in jail for a long time. I’ve increased the security on my website to prevent any further attacks from skilled hackers with time on their hands.

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