Finally Completing Some DIY Jobs

I have come to appreciate being able to change whatever I like about my home. I’m a first time home buyer so I’ve been indulging in DIY (Do It Yourself) projects all year long with the latest one being installing shower doors in Essex County NJ. I found a great company that sells shower enclosures and after finding a couple of potential projects on Reddit I decided to go with a completely stone shower with a shower enclosure to seal it in. I enjoy being able to take showers for as long as possible. My goal was to retain the heat of that shower for quite a while thus the stone.

I wouldn’t have pegged myself for someone who is able to do DIY projects. For years I’ve always avoided trying to do anything with my hands because I used to lack to patience to complete anything. On top of that I wasn’t someone who would read directions very well so I wouldn’t get very much done in the proper fashion! But after buying my home and wanting to somehow improve it I started to look into it more and decided to go with some smaller projects to test the waters.

After a couple of failures I was growing frustrated with myself. On a project that I was considering ‘the last’ I forced myself to take it slow, to read the directions and go over my work again and again. This time I did it! That sense of accomplishment and knowing that I had just finished what was tantamount to a carpentry job was a massive encouragement. I tried another one with similar results! Yes! I was getting somewhere, finally, and knew that if I was able to do those jobs then I would be able to do any job.

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