I Haven’t Felt This Good in Years!

We were on vacation, the first one in about ten years and we wanted to try something different. We talked about a lot of things. Let’s try sushi, go sky diving, bungee jumping! It was fun coming up with ideas. We ended up deciding to try acupuncture in Chicago. We don’t have that around us, while everything else we were thinking of we can do at home.

My mother went first, she was kind of scared. She looked really funny with all of those needles poking out of her back and neck. I took a picture of her, and she looked like a human porcupine! My sister wanted to go afterwards and she looked just as funny. They both said that it felt weird, didn’t hurt at all, which I thought was weird cause they are sticking needles in your skin!

I went next, because my brother said he wasn’t going to let anyone stick a needle into him. Continue reading

I Backup Everything Whenever Possible

When it comes to dealing with computers, I’l always a little paranoid. The hard drive of my first computer crashed nearly 20 years ago, and from that moment I learned a valuable lesson. Since then, always take the time to backup any data that I may want to keep from my hard drive. I have my own website that is pretty popular, and I use a R1soft license to backup server data. The server backup has saved my skin multiple times.

Once there was a rogue group of hackers that would visit different websites and shut them down. They would use all kinds of various DDOS tricks and even change the sites coding to take it off line for long periods of time. These hackers targeted my website, and it was offline for a week. The hackers didn’t stop at taking my site down. They also deleted everything from my servers, leaving me with nothing. I was devastated when it happened, and I was so angry that I was ready to track down those hackers and do some serious harm to them. Continue reading

Finally Completing Some DIY Jobs

I have come to appreciate being able to change whatever I like about my home. I’m a first time home buyer so I’ve been indulging in DIY (Do It Yourself) projects all year long with the latest one being installing shower doors in Essex County NJ. I found a great company that sells shower enclosures and after finding a couple of potential projects on Reddit I decided to go with a completely stone shower with a shower enclosure to seal it in. I enjoy being able to take showers for as long as possible. My goal was to retain the heat of that shower for quite a while thus the stone.

I wouldn’t have pegged myself for someone who is able to do DIY projects. Continue reading

An Easy and Affordable Cash Advance

Whether people want to admit to it fully or not, today’s society basically revolves around money and going without it is virtually impossible. This is nothing new, as trading and bartering are very long standing parts of human culture, but it seems to have gotten out of hand lately. Even people with jobs and career plans can struggle in some cases, but getting a little extra cash can often help them out of a bind. This is where AdvanceLoan.net cash advance loans come into play, as they are aimed at responsible customers with jobs that just need a temporary cash boost.

Loans often get an unfairly bad reputation, as movies and other works of fiction often associate loans with sketchy loan sharks that chase down clients with baseball bats or threaten violence. While surely this does exist in some circles, most loans are nothing like this. In fact, going to a reputable company like this means that anyone who applies for the loan will be treated like a value customer. Continue reading